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Start Thinking About Your Valentine's Day Meal Now!

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Most of us would normally celebrate by going out to eat - whether it's with our Valentine or with friends/family. But with the pandemic, going out to eat is not something we can do, at least not where I am in Los Angeles.

So why not make your own Valentine's dinner and dessert? Show your partner you love them by making a beautiful meal. Or, do it together! I love cooking with my husband - it's a great way to bond (and he makes a great sous chef). :)

So what should you cook? Don't wait until the last minute to figure that out. Plus, you'll need to get groceries and, if you're like me, I depend on grocery delivery, so going to the store at the last minute may not be an option for you.

What's your partner's favorite meal? What would you normally eat if you went to a restaurant? This pandemic has shown me that I can make my favorite restaurant meals - like this Spicy Cashew Chicken that's just like Cheesecake Factory's - at home, and not only is it easy, I'm saving money! I'm all for supporting local restaurants, don't get me wrong. But there's something so gratifying and satisfying when you make your favorite meals at home.

And don't forget dessert! How about heart-shaped cookies or my amazing lemon meringue cupcakes? Finish the meal with decadent sweets for your sweetie!

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